Welcome to EXMSS!

EXMSS is a student union that represents distance learners who study through Massey University.

EXMSS acknowledges that the Massey University extramural community has a different character than the student bodies who are on-campus. Massey’s extramural students tend to be older than on-campus students and are scattered all over New Zealand. Students often complete their studies in isolation and while working or raising children.

EXMSS offers a wide range of initiatives to make distance study easier and more successful. These include an annual scholarships programme, outreach and support through social media, subsidised shuttles for contact courses (now accepting bookings), and after hours 0800 support number, as well as a blog and monthly newsletters with study resources, news, and tips to aid and assist you with your studies.

EXMSS seeks to:

  • Represent and act on behalf of extramural students, independently from Massey University
  • Advocate for students who are trying to resolve study-related issues
  • Provide a communication link between extramural students and Massey

Most importantly, we want to do what we can to improve and enhance your studies, to ensure that you have the best, most enriching study experience possible, and that you complete your goals to the best of your ability.