Notification of Annual General Meeting

The Massey University Extramural Students’ Society is warmly invites EXMSS members to the upcoming Annual General Meeting.The EXMSS AGM will be held Tuesday 28th October 2014 at 6pm on  in the Lecture Theatre Ag Hort 1 on Turitea Campus, Palmerston North .The event will be streamed live from 6pm.

You can access the stream by clicking here.

For any queries regarding the AGM including Agenda and Meeting reports, please contact EXMSS Acting President: Mark Lester:

EXMSS would also like to open nominations for:

1.President (2015 and 2016)
2.Maori Representative (2015)
Nominations forms and information can be requested from EXMSS Returning Officer: Murray Kirk:
Nominations close: 4pm Tuesday 28th October 2014
In the event of multiple nominations, an election will take place following Section 5 of the 2014 EXMSS Constitution.

Update from the Executive of EXMSS

Progress at last!

While this has taken longer than anyone would have liked, we are getting there.  Our next step is to recover outstanding debts so that we can pay our creditors.

Your Executive has been working hard and still has a lot of work in front of it in order to rebuild the Society following the fallout from 2013. As part of this rebuilding we will be calling for nominations for President soon.

To date this year in 2014 your Executive:

  • Mark Lester is the current Acting President and Vice President, who is supported by a team of 5 Executive Members.
  • Has reopened EXMSS office in Palmerston North (part time during contact courses)
  • Gained a legal view that the 2013 SGM was valid, and the current Executive have the mandate to lead and operate the Society
  • Held the 2013 AGM in January 2014
  • Held a SGM in March 2014 to file a new constitution with the Companies Office, of which has been accepted and uploaded by the Companies Office
  • Regular contact with creditors and students
  • Addressing student concerns regarding studying at the University such as printed resources and streaming lectures
  • Engaged and supported national student issues with NZUSA, Te Mana Akonga and Student Job Search
  • A commitment to demonstrate we are working within the rules of the current Constitution
  • Investigating options to revitalise Review it!
  • Updated contact course information on website including accommodation options
  • Engaging with the University to discuss issues of importance to students
  • Participated in meetings with Student Presidents and the Vice Chancellor
  • Participated in meetings with other Student Associations on campus (MUSAF)
  • Reviewing the EXMSS scholarships on offer for 2014, to better meet the needs of EXMSS members
  • Writing a blog in the student magazine-MASSIVE
  • Maintained EXMSS membership fees that are affordable to students
  • Providing opportunities for members to participate in Te Huinga Tauira: National Maori Students Hui, to be hosted by Manawatahi in Palmerston North, August 2014.

We obviously have plenty of areas to rebuild and revitalise for the benefit of you the students.  We welcome your feedback and support:


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Wednesday 27th August – Sunday 31st August 2014 – Hosted by Manawatahi o Te Kunenga ki Purehuroa

The theme for this year’s Te Huinga Tauira is What it means to be a Maori in the 21st Century. Te Huinga Tauira is an annual National Māori Students’ Conference where tertiary students gather to discuss and debate topical issues, participate in cultural and sporting activities, and raise awareness about some of the issues that impact on Māori students at tertiary institutions, and within the wider community. Te Huinga Tauira is also an opportunity for Māori students to nurture and maintain their cultural identity, access social and support networks outside of their institutions, and participate in activities that enhance, and add value to, their experiences within the context of their learning.

Registration Information

DEADLINE: May 16th 2014, however late registrations are possible for EXMSS members. Please contact for a registration form.
• The fee for Te Huinga Tauira 2014 is $150.00, which will cover costs for accommodation, kai, transport, seminars, workshops, social events, Registration Packs and a “Te Huinga Tauira” T-shirt.

• EXMSS are current active members of Te Mana Ākonga as informed to Manawatahi have an allocation of 10 members for Te Huinga Tauira ki te Papaioea 2014.

• Late registrations MAY be accepted at the discretion of the Huinga Committee, and will be dependent on the number of registrations. T-shirts will NOT be available for late registrations.

• Along side registration forms, there are a few bits of information that we need :
• a request for extra people allocations and how many people
• Which sports you will be putting a team in for
• The names of your manu korero speakers and their topics (Maori or English)
• Transport Information

Events and Activities

1. Te Mana Ākonga Annual General Meeting (AGM)

• The Te Huinga Tauira o Te Mana Ākonga conference was established as an event for all Māori tertiary students to unite, but to also hold the Annual General Meeting of Te Mana Ākonga.

2. Workshops/Amazing Race

• This year we came up with the idea of holding an Amazing Race. This will be an opportunity for students to get to know people from other roopu. Rather than competing as a university roopu, students will be split up into their whanau groups.
• Embedded throughout the Amazing Race will be workshops – tasks that you will have to complete to be able to move on. These tasks will have a learning aspect to them, other stops along the way will be short activities.
• Our hope is that through this Amazing Race, we will incorporate learning into a fun activity, as well as allow an opportunity for students to bond outside of their own university roopu.

3. Political Debate

• Because of the elections, we will be hosting a Political Debate. This is a great opportunity for us as students to present issues that we have. It is our request that you prepare a few questions to ask the politicians during the debate. What have they been doing for students? What are they doing for students? What can they do for students?
• Our intention is to make this a public event. Roopu will be notified if and when we find out if this is a possibility.

4. Guest Speakers

• This year we have a range of kaikōrero from many different areas. We are priveleged to experience a Political Debate this year, so our guest speakers will not be from a political background.
• Due to awaiting responses, the guest speakers list along with profiles will not be made available until registration at the Te Huinga event; these profiles will be part of your final information booklet that each registered member will receive in the ‘whakatau’ process.

5. Formal Dinner/Prize Giving

• This year’s formal dinner will be all elegance. This is a night for us to celebrate our achievements over the course of Huinga, but also to celebrate our achievements as Maori. Our social evenings are an opportunity to ‘party’ and socialise, but our formal dinner is an opportunity to dress up, look our best and celebrate with class. As we look towards our future, in the next 1-3 years, a lot of us will be graduating. Therefore, our suggested theme is for all rōpū to dress formally in Tino Rangatiratanga colours.
• This is a number ones formal occasion, so our only request is that females, please wear ball gowns or cocktail dresses – you may bring along town dresses if you intend to head there afterwards. Males – you know what number ones means, but like the girls, you may bring along town clothes if you intend to head there afterwards.
• Get ready for an evening of beautiful food, an elegant atmosphere, gorgeous views, pumping sounds and an awesome prize-giving!


1. Hākinakina

• Manawatahi at this stage will be providing all referees and score-takers for the games however the game schedules will be sent out at a later date.
• Below are the 2 sports that we will be running on the day at this stage. Please indicate in your email with the registration forms, which sports you will be entering teams in for.

Indoor Outdoor
Basketball Touch

• There are no limited numbers for participants in each sport in terms of reserves. Players on court or field are adherent to the sport’s usual rules.

2. Kapa Haka

• All performances must be 25 minutes maximum length. Points will be deducted in the competition as we do have a strict timeframe to stick to.
• The only item that will not be judged is the waiata tira (choral), as some rōpū may wish not to perform one. All other items (whakaeke, mōteatea, poi, waiata-ā-ringa, haka, whakawātea) will be judged individually by all judges. Bonus points will be given to the roopu that wins the ‘kaupapa’ item. All points will be added in the total to determine the winning rōpū.
• The kaupapa item is an item that must be included in your bracket. The kaupapa item can be any item or discipline in your bracket bar the waiata tira, and must illustrate the topic chosen by our Co-President Waitapu Potaka and Project Manager Arpege Taratoa:
“E tipu e rea mō ngā rā o tou Ao.”

2.1 As the cap for this year’s Te Huinga will be able to be adjusted (dependent on numbers), all registered members may take the stage.

3. Manu Kōrero

• Manu Kōrero this year will be a formal competition. Our tono is that each rōpū put forward one English speaker and one te reo Māori speaker. Along with your registration forms and all other information, please send us the name of your speaker and their chosen topic.

English Section

• Māori Politicians, you are my voice!
• What does it mean to be a Māori in the 21st century?
• To live on the GC or not, that is the question!
• I am my own barrier in fulfilling my dreams.
• If I worked at Studylink, I would….
• The sustenance of a Leader is his dialogue, what is the true sustenance of a Student?

Te Reo Māori

• Kaitorangapu Māori, ko koe taku reo!
• He aha ngā ahuatanga o te maori e noho ana I te rautau 21?
• Ki te noho i runga i te GC, kaore ranei, koira te patai!
• Ko au te taupa kihai I puawai I aku moemoea.
• Ki te mahi au ki Studylink, ka aha ahau?
• Ko te kai a te Rangatira he korero, nō reira he aha te kai a te Tauira?

4. Social Events

• This year we have two separate venues for our Social Events. Our first Event on Thursday Night will be held at The Royal. The theme for the evening is “1940s: Decade of the Maori Battalion.” As an Art student, I will be looking for the most innovative roopu who utilise their creativity. Our Ancestors were masters in the Arts so this event will provide an opportunity to utilise some of our talents as Maori. Don’t be surprised if there is a Dance competition, or Karaoke contest – our event coordinators have a few surprises for you all!
• The second evening, will be held at The Daily. As it is following our prestigious Kapa Haka contest, it seemed only fitting to create a theme that was just as prestigious. What better than the Atua Maori? Each Roopu will be assigned a different Atua, and again this is a perfect opportunity to use your creative minds. Our Huinga theme is “What does it mean to be a Maori in the 21st Century?” But what do you think it means to be an Atua Maori of the 21st Century? Get creative whanau! This is an evening to celebrate our proud Maori heritage!
• During the evening, we will be having a Quiz night, where tauira will compete in their whanau groups.

5. Short-Film Competition

• This year’s film competition is to produce one five minute maximum length film on What you as a roopu believe it means to be a Maori in the 21st Century. There is no limit to the style or form of film that you present this in so have fun, kei a koutou te tikanga!
• Please note that the Short Films will be played on the first evening (Wednesday 27th) So please have your films sent to us before then or handed in after the Powhiri so we have time to create a playlist.

Other Important Information

1. Transport

• All rōpū must organize their own transport to and from the Tanenuiarangi Marae, Maxwells Line, Palmerston North from your respective travelling destinations. If you are bringing vehicles/vans you may need to use them to get to our various activities. We will shuttle those roopu who are traveling via aeroplane to the event.
• We will have buses to the evening events. We will not be responsible for those roopu/students who decide to go to town after the evening events.
• Could all rōpū Kaiārahi please send in all transport and travel details along with your registration forms so that we are well informed of every rōpū’s travelling situation.

2. Security

Security will be provided for the on-campus events and we ask that all students carry their ID (which will be provided in the registration bags) with them at all times. Students without ID may be asked to leave the events. EXMSS Members, for more information, please feel free to Email: or 021 2922 159.

● Click here to take a look at last year’s conference in Waikato.


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Video link for the EXMSS Special General Meeting 2014

The SGM will be held on Wednesday 19th March 2014, 6pm at the Turitea Campus – SSLB1 – Massey University, Palmerston North. The SGM will also be streamed online for people who cannot attend in person, the link is provided below.


This webcast requires Silverlight ( WIN | MAC ) or Pipelight ( Linux )


1. Open meeting
2. Apologies
3. Discussion and vote on proposed constitutional changes
4. Announcement regarding Presidential Elections 2014
5. Close Meeting

Things to note prior to the special general meeting.

An announcement will also be made of the new President for 2014, as well as confirming and ratifying the proposed constitutional changes.

The SGM defined ‘temporary’ in reference to the tenure of the interim presidents as ‘until elections are organized’. This is minuted, and the minutes were passed at the AGM as a true and accurate record, with spelling corrections. In the absence of any person fulfilling Constitutional requirements being prepared to accept a nomination, no such elections can be organized. The AGM confirmed that the current leadership would continue in their role until a permanent president could be elected.

Joy Green was co-opted by a quorum of the Executive Committee in December, between the SGM and the AGM to act as University Liaison, and to work on finalising constitutional changes, under clause 6.k) of the Constitutio, which states ‘the Committee shall have the power to temporarily co-opt any member or members as it sees fit to assist the committee’ no ratification of such a co-option is required, and properly co-opted members serve until they resign or are stood down by the Committee, unless a term to their service is established in advance.

Section 7.3) of the Constitution states that ‘The Annual General Meeting, or any Special General Meeting shall be chaired by the President, or Vice President. In the Absence of both, it will be chaired by a person appointed by the Executive Committee. Neither Tiri Porter nor Mark Lester are able to attend the meeting physically, so are unable to practicably chair the meeting; the Executive Committee has therefore appointed Joy Green as chair.

Notification of Special General Meeting

Wednesday 19th March 2014, 6pm

This will be held on the Turitea Campus, Massey University, Palmerston North. We will have provision for the meeting to be streamed live online for those that cannot attend in person. An announcement will also be made of the new President for 2014, as well as confirming and ratifying the proposed constitutional changes. We will send out a reminder email to members as it comes closer to the date.

Nominations for President are now open

XAvatarAs a result of the recent Annual General Meeting in January 2014, EXMSS Returning Officer, Murray Kirk called for nominations for the position and began accepting nominations from Thursday 16th January 2014.

The President is responsible for the overall business of the Society, ensuring that the constitutional objectives are upheld, being the political leader and the spokesperson for the Society, so if this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, contact the EXMSS Returning Officer for more information: Nominations close 12pm 19th March 2014.

Kind regards,
Tiri Porter and Mark Lester, EXMSS Co Presidents.
Tiri PorterMark Lester photo

Video of the EXMSS Annual General Meeting 2014

The minutes for this EXMSS AGM meeting are now available.

The meeting was held at the AgHort building (Room AH1) at Massey and covered business originally scheduled for the cancelled meeting on September 5 2013, together with reports on progress within the Society since the Special General Meeting on October 19th.

Please note that the Annual General Meeting was originally scheduled to be held on Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at 12 noon but was closed after it failed to reach quorum (more information can be found here:


The agenda for the AGM is available here.
The draft EXMSS constitution for discussion is available here.
Minutes for the 2013 EXMSS SGM are available here.
Minutes for the 2014 EXMSS AGM can be found here.
The Annual Report can be viewed/downloaded from here.
In addition, the Annual Report from the EXMSS Vice-President, Maori can be downloaded from here.


If you experience difficulty viewing this webcast use our Stand-alone Player
This webcast requires Silverlight ( WIN | MAC ) or Pipelight ( Linux )


16th December 2013 Co-President’s Update

image-for-tiriCongratulations to everyone that graduated in Palmerston North two weeks ago. What a massive occasion and thank you to the city of Palmerston North for coming out in force to support the University and the graduands. As a graduate myself, it was an amazing feeling to be amongst people who are keen to celebrate success in a positive way. I was most honoured to be able to receive my tohu from Dr Russell Ballard, Chancellor of the University Council. Having worked alongside Dr Ballard for three years as a fellow Council member, he demonstrated leadership, inspiration and dedication to a job that can be challenging when faced with having to balance what is best for the University, alongside how the Government expects Universities to operate while producing some of the country’s most talented and highly sought after graduates.

In regards to progress at EXMSS, I recently had the opportunity to enter the EXMSS Office and obtain some background information in regards to Executive minutes and records, petty cash transactions, membership list, and sorting the inwards mail and creditors.

The next step for the Executive is to go through the previous minutes for 2013 and review the decisions made by the previous Executive.

Whilst the University respect the decision of the members at the SGM, and are willing to communicate with Mark and I in good faith, we are seeking finality to the process by way of obtaining a legal opinion. There has been one challenge only in the most general terms ‘that the meeting did not comply with the society’s rules, by the lawyer representing Jeannette Chapman, in a staff related matter. We’ve asked him to specify precisely what rules he believed were not complied with, so that we can demonstrate constitutional compliance. We are still awaiting his response.

Mark and I were also recently invited to participate in a teleconference with members of the Extramural Students’ Support Trust (ESST). This sub trust was set up by EXMSS in 2011 to hold funds for all extramural students, to be distributed annually by way of scholarships. This was the first notification where Mark and I were made aware that the previous president and member Lyn Harris-Hogan had initiated plans to wind down EXMSS and transfer all of EXMSS assets (including the ESST funds) and liabilities to the Massey Extramural Students’ Trust (MEST), a trust set up by Jeanette Chapman in October 2013. The Trustees of the MEST are Jeannette Chapman, Joseph Mwingira and Phillip Kennard and they cannot be removed by members. The ESST has contested the authority in which MEST purports to hold, and have sought further clarification from Mark and I in regards to the SGM processes and outcomes. We have been given some tasks to fulfil, namely to seek a legal opinion on the processes and outcomes and to also issue a statement to lawyers and accountants purporting to represent EXMSS, the Police and MEST.

Last week we met with the Executive Committee to discuss the outcome of the nomination for President 2014, objects of the society in 2014, membership in 2014, annual report for January 2014 AGM, NZUSA updates, objectives for each Executive Committee member for 2014 and most importantly, finalisation of the information to be sent to validate the SGM processes and decisions.

We are also happy to announce and welcome Joy Green to the Executive Committee. Joy brings her background experience with EXMSS in regards to convening to October SGM, as well as her ability to communicate well and articulately to a range of audiences.

Thank you all for your patience and please know we are working hard to resolve these issues as soon as we can.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season

Tiri Porter

A New Committee Announced for EXMSS

The Massey University Extramural Students’ Society Inc (EXMSS) announces a new Executive committee as the result of the recent Special General Meeting (SGM), which was held Saturday 19 October 2013.

Confirmed EXMSS executive members are Rowena Harvey, Angela Lalonde, Pamela Higgins, Dave Crampton, Mandy Ward and Lyn Harris-Hogan.

The executive committee was formed from successful candidates from the recent EXMSS elections, which were confirmed at the SGM, as well as former executives who have been reinstated, following their unconstitutional removal earlier this year. They will be working with interim EXMSS co-Presidents Tiri Porter and Mark Lester, who were elected during the SGM, for a three month term.

The Special General Meeting saw the motion of no confidence in the presidency of Jeannette Chapman passed unanimously. Subsequently, a motion calling for her removal from the position of president as of 4.00pm on the 19th October 2013 was also passed unanimously.

Ms Porter and Mr Lester are both delighted at the opportunity to work with the new committee through the coming months to plan and rebuild the credibility and integrity of the Students’ Society.

“Ma whero ma pango ka oti ai te mahi”

Media Release Date 29th October 2013

Calling for Nominations for EXMSS President

The Massey University Extramural Students Society Inc (EXMSS) is also proud to announce the call for nominations for President of EXMSS.

On Sunday 20 October EXMSS returning officer, Joy Green called for nominations for the position and began accepting nominations from Monday 21st October until Saturday 30th November.

Full and Associate Members are eligible to stand for office, providing they are not permanent staff at any tertiary education establishment, but they must be nominated and seconded in writing, by two FULL members of the society. Please email nominations to Joy at, with the subject line ‘EXMSS president – nomination’ and in the body say:

‘I, [name],[student ID], as a full member of EXMSS, nominate [name],[student ID] for the office of 2014 President. This nomination is seconded by [name],[student ID], who is also a full member of the society.

“This wording provides clarity for all and simplicity for me,” says Joy “I will acknowledge nominations within 24 hours.”

In the event of there being only one nomination, all EXMSS members will be emailed with the result by 7 December. In the event of multiple nominations, members will be emailed with a list of nominees and instructions for registering their vote for their preferred candidate, by the same date.

If an election is held the result will be confirmed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will take place on 15 January 2014, at 6 pm. The AGM will be streamed.

For any queries about EXMSS or representation of distance students at Massey University please contact

Tiri Porter or Mark Lester at

To engage online with other students, join our facebook community page