Notice of Annual General Meeting: Sep 26

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of Massey University Extramural Students Society Inc (EXMSS), to take place on Monday September 26 at 7pm. (This notice amends earlier date of September 12, which failed to honour Section 7a(i) of the Constitution).
To attend the meeting, please click on this link:
You are free to log in with your Massey student ID and password, or as a guest.
In accordance with the drive to function as an effective online organisation, with integrity to its definition as an extramural support society, there will be no physical venue for the meeting. Instead, the meeting will take place purely online, through an Adobe Connect session. Campus registrar and long-time EXMSS patron, Dr Sandi Shillington, has kindly procured a presenter account within Massey University’s Connect infrastructure.
Prior to the meeting, detailed connection instructions will be posted. Please ensure that on the evening of the meeting, you have a good desktop or laptop computer. If using a phone or tablet, we strongly recommend also using a Bluetooth keyboard, since most communication from attendees will be made through typing.
Draft Agenda for Meeting:
* Acting President’s Opening
* Test of Connectivity
* Apologies
* Resignation of Prior President
* Acting President’s Report
* Treasurer’s Report
* Secretary’s Report
* Returning Officer’s Report
* Resignation of Returning Officer to avoid conflict of interest with his own bid for election to President
* Election of Secretary
* Election of Treasurer
* Election of new Returning Officer
* Committee membership – who’s staying, who’s leaving, how many committee members required for 2016-2017 term (min 6)
* New Returning Officer to call for nominations for the election of President and additional Committee members
* Constitutional Amendments
* General Business
* Close
Estimated meeting duration 60-90 minutes, assuming we don’t get dragged down any rabbit-holes.
Proposed Constitutional amendments may be viewed here:
If you wish for any items to be added to the agenda, please add a comment to this post with your ideas.
Thanks everyone, and look forward to seeing you at the meeting.
 David McNab
President (acting)
Massey University Extramural Students Society Inc (EXMSS)

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