Calling for Applications for EXMSS Scholarships

EXMSS_Comm_logosmallThe EXMSS Executive are pleased to announce 2015 EXMSS Scholarships.

We identified key areas that are in direct response to member’s needs for 2015, as well as promoting excellence and success within the Massey University Extramural Community.

The following key scholarship areas identified are:

Bi-Cultural Achievement (1) $750

Disabled (1) $750

Post Graduate/Honours/Masters (1) $750

Undergraduate (1) $750

Contact Course (9) Total $2700=$300 each

Second Chance (First year Student) (1) $750

Academic Excellence (Final Year Student) (1) $1200

With the support of the Extramural Student Support Trust, we are able to invite applications from EXMSS members to apply for the above scholarships and if you haven’t already done so, please ensure you are a member of EXMSS to apply. Click here for more information.

For application forms, click here to be directed to our Scholarship page.

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