2014 EXMSS Scholarship Winners Announced

Nine worthy student have earned themselves scholarships from our enduring EXMSS Student Support Trust.

One Academic Excellence scholarship of $750 went to James Cargill, Bachelor in Business Studies student majoring in Accountancy, minor in Business Law. James is also studying in the beautiful surroundings of Rarotonga.

Two Representative Scholarships of $750 each went to Teresa Foster, recipient of the 2014 Bi Cultural Achievement Scholarship who is studying towards a Master of Philosophy (M?ori Studies). Karajane Chapman is the recipient of the 2014 Disability Achievement Scholarship, who is studying in Australia towards her Bachelors of Science (Psychology).

Three Post Graduate.Masters.Honours Scholarships of $750 each are:

• Jessie Eva Smith: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology.

• Laura Quin: Master of Science (Psychology)

• Christo Idowu Olatunji-Odeyemi: Post Graduate Diploma in Arts (Politics)

Congratulations also to Helen Preston, recipient of 2014 EXMSS Undergraduate scholarship $750, completing her studies towards a Bachelor of Accountancy.

New scholarships on offer for 2014 included the Contact Course Scholarships, to encourage extramural students to participate on campus. Congratulations to Karee Boswell (Bachelor of Arts (Education)) and previous EXMSS Scholarship winner Carmel Hancock (Master of Arts (Psychology)), who made a commitment this year to travel to her block courses from the South Island to Palmerston North.

The EXMSS Scholarship Sub Committee congratulate all recipients and although the number of applications from members was small this year, the calibre of applicants was at a level that a decision was made to award all applicants based on the amount of funds available and to acknowledge and encourage extramural studies at Massey University.

EXMSS are also pleased to end the year on a good note in delivering scholarships to its members, who have stuck with EXMSS through thick and thin over the past year and a half. Thank you to the Trustees of the Extramural Student Support Trust (Steve Maharey, Anne Palmer and Tiri Porter), who approved the scholarship money to be released so that EXMSS members could still benefit from the funds held in the Trust for 2014.

EXMSS will endeavour to highlight the above recipients in further detail in the new year, as they are all worthy recipients who can offer encouragement and motivation for other students to continue to pursue their study goals into 2015 and beyond.

EXMSS Executive Committee 2014

Easter Contact Course Services

During the Easter Contact Course period the following will be offered from Tuesday 2nd  –Sunday 14th April.


This is for all extramural students attending courses and will operate from: Tuesday 2nd April – Sunday 14th, 8am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 5.30pm weekends.  Please note *Due to alterations in the student lounge over the Easter break, the EXMSS desk will be located in the student dining hall next to the main doors off concourse. Services include: A luggage minding service (during desk hours only), directions and information about course rooms, assistance with general enquiries, bookings for outgoing transport and campus & city maps.


EXMSS has recently negotiated a 10% discount on Palmerston North Taxis  for all extramural students  between the Airport, Train or Bus terminal and Massey’s Manawatu campus. This discount applies throughout the year. A student ID card or some other form of ID showing you’re a student will be required in order to get this discount.


EXMSS Members will be able to utilise free transport from the campus to the Airport, Train/Bus Station at set times during the day from the 3rd-14th April only. We will have up to three vans operating each day and will try to accommodate everyone. For those seeking transport outside the set times or find the vans are booked, we can book transport for you but the fare will be covered by the student(s).

Membership status can be checked by contacting Thérèse (therese@exmss.org.nz Massey ext 81184) or inquire at the helpdesk. You can join EXMSS at https://exmss.org/membership/ and filling in the membership form.  After joining you will be emailed a 4 digit EXMSS membership number.

The daily free vans for members will only operate during semester breaks – see the EXMSS website for more details.                                          


Extramural Students do not get free bus travel on local buses as the internal students do. The internal student ID cards have a small travel chip in them (printed as ‘go’) the extramural student ID cards do not. However, extramural students can get a student rate by showing their student ID which is cheaper than the adult rate.


EXMSS has negotiated a discounted ‘casual rate’ for extramural students attending the Massey gym when on campus – only $4 per student per visit.


We run a “services” survey each contact course period and use the information to lobby the University on behalf of extramural students. We strongly urge all students to fill one in and return to us. These are available at the helpdesk or online at: https://exmss.org/contact-course/rate-your-contact-course

Attention Hawke’s Bay Women

The New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women (Hawke’s Bay Branch) is please to call for applications for their 2013 scholarship.

The Hawke’s Bay branch offers a small annual study award to assist women undertaking extramural study towards a first degree.

Applicants for the award must:

  • be women, resident in the Hawke’s Bay region,
  • have completed at least one year’s successful extra-mural study,
  • apply using the application form provided,
  • and submit a completed  hard copy of the application  form by  Friday 26th  April 2013

The award is $200 – $300.

Successful study means having already passed a minimum of two  100 level papers.

The application form is available to download from here or can be requested from the EXMSS Office. (Call toll-free 0508 439677 ext 81182)


Any enquiries about the above grant or the application process can be made to

Rosalie Sutherland

Ph.  06  835 0761



All Applications  (hard copy)  should be posted  to :

Study Award Convenor:

1/603 York Street,

Hastings 4120

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Graduates Gather From A Distance To Celebrate

Massey Extramural Graduates at the 2012 EXMSS Graduation Dinner

It was an evening of laughter and tears as former extramural students gathered together as fresh faced alumni to share their stories and celebrate their recent graduation at the annual EXMSS graduation dinner.

The graduation celebration is an annual event, organised by the Massey University Extramural Students’ Society. Regularly supported Massey senior staff, the graduation dinner has been running for over fifteen years. This year the event attracted over 60 guests, including 11 graduates, their families and supporters and featured an entertaining address by this year’s guest speaker, Dr Richard Shaw.

But the spotlight was firmly on the graduates, and each was given the opportunity to share their story of what it is to study extramurally. Many took the opportunity to thank their families and spouses for their support and many also recounted how important the option to study part-time, extramurally had been to their lives.

For three special graduates, the graduation dinner was the first time they had met in person as Claire Farnan-Sestino, Michaela Gallear and Jennifer Mofflin, attested. Through their studies in social anthropology the trio had formed a virtual study group via Skype; Claire from the US, Jennifer from Otago and Michaela from Tauranga. With regular Skype meetings they supported each other as they tackled the common extramural experience of isolation. As Claire recounted it was the shared challenge of trying to understand French theorist, Foucault that first brought them together. And while the trio had been friends throughout their studies, it was only on the previous day, their graduation in Palmerston North, that they had met in person for the first time.

Anne Palmer, a long time EXMSS staff member and advocate for extramurals, graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in history. Anne started her journey into tertiary study in 1980. And, with various interruptions that included the birth of her three children, Anne completed her degree 31 years later. Anne recounted a geography exam where she finished with a note to her lecturer; “I can’t write anymore, this baby is kicking too much.” The baby in question, her daughter Elaina, shared her graduation day, graduating from Massey Wellington with a degree in Early Childhood.

Jim Kennedy who, as a former chef in the isolated region of Milford Sound, cited his reasons for study as the ‘only alternative between the pub or TV. As he recounted his studies started as a hobby but then became an addiction. Jim gave special thanks to his wife Heather who for her support and proofreading skills.

Stephanie Kirk, a local extramural from Feilding, celebrated the evening with her husband Lyndon. Stephanie began by confessing to be a mixed-mode student, having studied both extramurally and internally. She gave special thanks her husband for his support over the course of her nine years’ studying. Stephanie also thanked her brother for his helpful words of advice – “Just get on with it” – when in the final stressful weeks of her final paper, she was considering dropping out. Having gotten on with it and succeeded, Stephanie graduated with a Diploma in Arts, majoring in Linguistics. And having crossed the stage for the first time she is keen to repeat the experience – next time for the degree.


Liz Hamilton admitted to being something of a connoisseur of tertiary institutions. Over the course of her studies she attended first Otago, then Massey, then Otago, and finally Massey. As with many other graduates Liz noted the advantages of studying extramurally; finally completing her studies in Japanese in France. Liz gave thanks to her “long suffering” husband and also thanked EXMSS for awarding her a Scholarship for Academic Excellence.


Maxine Digan summed her success up with the traditional saying, “We are only here because of all the people standing behind us.” Maxine began her studies in 1976 when she studied Te Reo at Otago. Of Nga Puhi heritage, Maxine was prompted by her husband to continue her studies. In 1992 she studied the Treaty of Waitangi paper through Massey and found extramural studies suited her. Maxine thanked her four children for their support and, in particular, her daughter who told her that with multichoice exams, if you’re not sure what the answer is, “always pick B!”


Robyn Savage had travelled all the way from Invercargill to attend the graduation celebrations. Robyn started her studies because, as she said, “It was time to do something for myself”. She began with a paper in women’s studies at SIT. Robyn started studying in her early fifties and made a goal that she would complete her degree by age sixty. A goal she was happy to achieve. Robyn also paid tribute to her friend and study companion, Cathy who sadly passed away before completing her studies.


Marsha Racey-Stilwell – a self proclaimed shrinking violet returned to the EXMSS graduation dinner for a second time in two years! Having graduated last year, Marsha returned this year celebrating her Masters in Education. Marsha thanked her father for his inspiration as well as her husband Myles. Now teaching at UCOL, Marsha finished with a saying she often shared with her students, “Keep at it. It’s worth the journey.”


Delwyn Sinclair began her extramural studies with a paper in Human Development in 1989. Unfortunately glandular fever put an end to her first foray and it wasn’t until 2009 when further changes to her job gave Delwyn the opportunity to complete her studies. Graduating with a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies, Delwyn thanked her husband Kevin for all his support and assistance. Delwyn and also gave special thanks to Lois Wilkinson of Massey’s centre for Teaching and Learning for her support.

The evening was also attended by Massey’s Chancellor, Dr Russ Ballard. “Extramural students are what define Massey University,” said Dr Ballard, who also noted the evening was an exemplar of the “fantastic interplay between Massey staff and students.”

EXMSS StudentCard and Membership Subscriptions

The members of EXMSS have agreed that the changes proposed in our SGM should go ahead. As well as being able to introduce a subscription fee of $15 for membership there will be a re-balancing of the executive roles so that the workload is spread and risks reduced.

The $15 subscription for full members and $10 sub for associate members will be introduced alongside an optional StudentCard. The StudentCard, normally $20 can be added to membership for $15, making the membership plus student card $30. We see this as excellent value with EXMSS providing advocacy, information, representation, scholarships, and discount travel and the StudentCard providing discounts all over NZ for anything from movies to pizza.

Student Card EXMSSThe problem is Massey University has not yet agreed to collect the subscriptions on our behalf. The Education Act requires them to do so if we request it, but also states that they may recover costs. With our subs being so low any fee may make the administration costs an unpleasant tax on students. EXMSS does not want students to waste their money paying for admin services.

We have been pushing to have this conversation with Massey since the beginning of the year but have struggled to reach a conclusion. I have been told by the Massey IT services that we have until the end of June to decide how subs will work. Until then EXMSS is not willing to start charging subs or release the StudentCard at a discount rate.

EXMSS will restructure its executive and make the StudentCard available at $20 for any student while it waits for Massey to make this key decision: a decision which the future shape of EXMSS depends on.