2014 EXMSS Scholarship Winners Announced

Nine worthy student have earned themselves scholarships from our enduring EXMSS Student Support Trust.

One Academic Excellence scholarship of $750 went to James Cargill, Bachelor in Business Studies student majoring in Accountancy, minor in Business Law. James is also studying in the beautiful surroundings of Rarotonga.

Two Representative Scholarships of $750 each went to Teresa Foster, recipient of the 2014 Bi Cultural Achievement Scholarship who is studying towards a Master of Philosophy (M?ori Studies). Karajane Chapman is the recipient of the 2014 Disability Achievement Scholarship, who is studying in Australia towards her Bachelors of Science (Psychology).

Three Post Graduate.Masters.Honours Scholarships of $750 each are:

• Jessie Eva Smith: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology.

• Laura Quin: Master of Science (Psychology)

• Christo Idowu Olatunji-Odeyemi: Post Graduate Diploma in Arts (Politics)

Congratulations also to Helen Preston, recipient of 2014 EXMSS Undergraduate scholarship $750, completing her studies towards a Bachelor of Accountancy.

New scholarships on offer for 2014 included the Contact Course Scholarships, to encourage extramural students to participate on campus. Congratulations to Karee Boswell (Bachelor of Arts (Education)) and previous EXMSS Scholarship winner Carmel Hancock (Master of Arts (Psychology)), who made a commitment this year to travel to her block courses from the South Island to Palmerston North.

The EXMSS Scholarship Sub Committee congratulate all recipients and although the number of applications from members was small this year, the calibre of applicants was at a level that a decision was made to award all applicants based on the amount of funds available and to acknowledge and encourage extramural studies at Massey University.

EXMSS are also pleased to end the year on a good note in delivering scholarships to its members, who have stuck with EXMSS through thick and thin over the past year and a half. Thank you to the Trustees of the Extramural Student Support Trust (Steve Maharey, Anne Palmer and Tiri Porter), who approved the scholarship money to be released so that EXMSS members could still benefit from the funds held in the Trust for 2014.

EXMSS will endeavour to highlight the above recipients in further detail in the new year, as they are all worthy recipients who can offer encouragement and motivation for other students to continue to pursue their study goals into 2015 and beyond.

EXMSS Executive Committee 2014

Easter Contact Course Services

During the Easter Contact Course period the following will be offered from Tuesday 2nd  –Sunday 14th April.


This is for all extramural students attending courses and will operate from: Tuesday 2nd April – Sunday 14th, 8am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 5.30pm weekends.  Please note *Due to alterations in the student lounge over the Easter break, the EXMSS desk will be located in the student dining hall next to the main doors off concourse. Services include: A luggage minding service (during desk hours only), directions and information about course rooms, assistance with general enquiries, bookings for outgoing transport and campus & city maps.


EXMSS has recently negotiated a 10% discount on Palmerston North Taxis  for all extramural students  between the Airport, Train or Bus terminal and Massey’s Manawatu campus. This discount applies throughout the year. A student ID card or some other form of ID showing you’re a student will be required in order to get this discount.


EXMSS Members will be able to utilise free transport from the campus to the Airport, Train/Bus Station at set times during the day from the 3rd-14th April only. We will have up to three vans operating each day and will try to accommodate everyone. For those seeking transport outside the set times or find the vans are booked, we can book transport for you but the fare will be covered by the student(s).

Membership status can be checked by contacting Thérèse (therese@exmss.org.nz Massey ext 81184) or inquire at the helpdesk. You can join EXMSS at https://exmss.org/membership/ and filling in the membership form.  After joining you will be emailed a 4 digit EXMSS membership number.

The daily free vans for members will only operate during semester breaks – see the EXMSS website for more details.                                          


Extramural Students do not get free bus travel on local buses as the internal students do. The internal student ID cards have a small travel chip in them (printed as ‘go’) the extramural student ID cards do not. However, extramural students can get a student rate by showing their student ID which is cheaper than the adult rate.


EXMSS has negotiated a discounted ‘casual rate’ for extramural students attending the Massey gym when on campus – only $4 per student per visit.


We run a “services” survey each contact course period and use the information to lobby the University on behalf of extramural students. We strongly urge all students to fill one in and return to us. These are available at the helpdesk or online at: https://exmss.org/contact-course/rate-your-contact-course

Welcome all Distance Students

On behalf of EXMSS I would like to extend a hearty welcome back to all Massey’s Distance students.

To those who have been studying over Summer Semester,

I know from experience how challenging it is to study over summer. While the rest of New Zealand is  sitting on the deck enjoying a quiet beverage and reflecting on the past year’s achievements, we must remain indoors, studying our readings and reflecting on that rash decision in November to take “just that one” paper over summer.

In doing so, not only do we find we are we out of step with the rest of society, but we soon realise that while semester one and two papers go for about  17 weeks, the same amount of work is required from a paper in summer semester, which is only 12 weeks long!

Nevertheless Kia Kaha – Stand Strong, the end is in sight :-).

To those who have enrolled for the new year, congratulations on your decision to study.  Whether it before for professional or personal development, tertiary study is a life-changing decision. In subtle and not so subtle ways it alters your perception on the world and this can be both exciting and unnerving. Be prepared to have your preconceptions challenged and to be, at times, confused and even frazzled.

And also be prepared for the elation you will experience with each new discovery, (hopefully) each returned assignment, and of course that fantastic sense of achievement as you complete your final exam.

EXMSS is here to support you 100% in your journey. Check out our services and please feel free to use the 0508 4EXMSS freephone to contact your lecturer, Massey services or give us a call at extension 81182.

All the best for 2013


Murray Kirk
Communications Manager


MOST and Review It Surveys Released

Two surveys have been released over the last week: MOST and Review It. But why bother? What responsibility do you have to do these surveys? I can hear your stress levels rise. You are under time pressure as it is.

The answer lies in your commitment to the learning community you are part of. As a multiform group of people, with your study at Massey as a common interest, I would hope that you feel some connection with, not just the classmates and study material before you, but with the institution and the support groups, such as other students, that are there if you need them.

This is an opportunity for students to help Massey improve their course delivery and services, and for you to offer some advice to other students who will follow you. It is hard, we know it is hard – to fill out these surveys. It is exam and assignment season too and you are pressed for time. But, both surveys offer some flexibility to leave and come back to them. The Review It survey will be open until after you get your results.

If some ‘event’ has turned you off, switched off this connection, then perhaps you feel no responsibility to complete these surveys. You have given up caring because you feel you have been let down by the system. But I doubt it was your fellow students who slapped you. Are you that disenfranchised with the system that you have ceased to care for them too?

Completing surveys can provide closure. They support course delivery improvement and the student community. They are actually very important. They are a measure of your connection to the community. I think we all know that. But it is easy to call them too hard. Even easier when you are not faced with them in class. That doesn’t make them less important, so see if you can find the time.