Calling for Applications for EXMSS Scholarships

EXMSS_Comm_logosmallThe EXMSS Executive are pleased to announce 2015 EXMSS Scholarships.

We identified key areas that are in direct response to member’s needs for 2015, as well as promoting excellence and success within the Massey University Extramural Community.

The following key scholarship areas identified are:

Bi-Cultural Achievement (1) $750

Disabled (1) $750

Post Graduate/Honours/Masters (1) $750

Undergraduate (1) $750

Contact Course (9) Total $2700=$300 each

Second Chance (First year Student) (1) $750

Academic Excellence (Final Year Student) (1) $1200

With the support of the Extramural Student Support Trust, we are able to invite applications from EXMSS members to apply for the above scholarships and if you haven’t already done so, please ensure you are a member of EXMSS to apply. Click here for more information.

For application forms, click here to be directed to our Scholarship page.


Hi Everyone

Just a  reminder we are having our AGM on the 11th January. It would be great to see anyone who can come in person and for everyone else we will be streaming live online,

See you at the AGM!

– Megan Green

EXMSS President

2014 EXMSS Scholarship Winners Announced

Nine worthy student have earned themselves scholarships from our enduring EXMSS Student Support Trust.

One Academic Excellence scholarship of $750 went to James Cargill, Bachelor in Business Studies student majoring in Accountancy, minor in Business Law. James is also studying in the beautiful surroundings of Rarotonga.

Two Representative Scholarships of $750 each went to Teresa Foster, recipient of the 2014 Bi Cultural Achievement Scholarship who is studying towards a Master of Philosophy (M?ori Studies). Karajane Chapman is the recipient of the 2014 Disability Achievement Scholarship, who is studying in Australia towards her Bachelors of Science (Psychology).

Three Post Graduate.Masters.Honours Scholarships of $750 each are:

• Jessie Eva Smith: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology.

• Laura Quin: Master of Science (Psychology)

• Christo Idowu Olatunji-Odeyemi: Post Graduate Diploma in Arts (Politics)

Congratulations also to Helen Preston, recipient of 2014 EXMSS Undergraduate scholarship $750, completing her studies towards a Bachelor of Accountancy.

New scholarships on offer for 2014 included the Contact Course Scholarships, to encourage extramural students to participate on campus. Congratulations to Karee Boswell (Bachelor of Arts (Education)) and previous EXMSS Scholarship winner Carmel Hancock (Master of Arts (Psychology)), who made a commitment this year to travel to her block courses from the South Island to Palmerston North.

The EXMSS Scholarship Sub Committee congratulate all recipients and although the number of applications from members was small this year, the calibre of applicants was at a level that a decision was made to award all applicants based on the amount of funds available and to acknowledge and encourage extramural studies at Massey University.

EXMSS are also pleased to end the year on a good note in delivering scholarships to its members, who have stuck with EXMSS through thick and thin over the past year and a half. Thank you to the Trustees of the Extramural Student Support Trust (Steve Maharey, Anne Palmer and Tiri Porter), who approved the scholarship money to be released so that EXMSS members could still benefit from the funds held in the Trust for 2014.

EXMSS will endeavour to highlight the above recipients in further detail in the new year, as they are all worthy recipients who can offer encouragement and motivation for other students to continue to pursue their study goals into 2015 and beyond.

EXMSS Executive Committee 2014

Results of Nomination for EXMSS President 2015-2016

On behalf of the Executive, we were pleased to announce on the 2nd December 2014, we received one nomination for EXMSS President (2015-2016)

We invited current EXMSS members to read her personal statement, and permitted members to register their objections by 16th December 2014 (2 weeks) to the Returning Officer:

The Returning Officer advised the Executive Committee on the 17th December 2014, that no objections were received from the membership, therefore it is with pleasure that the Executive Committee announce the candidate, Megan Green is to be duly elected as EXMSS President (2015-2016).

The Committee will initiate discussions with Megan regarding terms, conditions and her official start start date in due course.

Thank you to Murray Kirk for overseeing the Returning Officer duties throughout this process.

Notice of AGM

Join for support, benefits and insider information
Join for support, benefits and insider information

The Massey University Extramural Students’ Society is warmly invites EXMSS members to the upcoming Annual General Meeting. The EXMSS AGM will be held Tuesday 9th December 2014, 6pm, the venue to be confirmed. The event will be streamed live from 6pm.

For any queries regarding the AGM including Agenda and Meeting reports, please contact EXMSS Acting President: Mark Lester:

Notification of Special General Meeting

Wednesday 19th March 2014, 6pm

This will be held on the Turitea Campus, Massey University, Palmerston North. We will have provision for the meeting to be streamed live online for those that cannot attend in person. An announcement will also be made of the new President for 2014, as well as confirming and ratifying the proposed constitutional changes. We will send out a reminder email to members as it comes closer to the date.

Nominations for President are now open

XAvatarAs a result of the recent Annual General Meeting in January 2014, EXMSS Returning Officer, Murray Kirk called for nominations for the position and began accepting nominations from Thursday 16th January 2014.

The President is responsible for the overall business of the Society, ensuring that the constitutional objectives are upheld, being the political leader and the spokesperson for the Society, so if this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, contact the EXMSS Returning Officer for more information: Nominations close 12pm 19th March 2014.

Kind regards,
Tiri Porter and Mark Lester, EXMSS Co Presidents.
Tiri PorterMark Lester photo

Video of the EXMSS Annual General Meeting 2014

The minutes for this EXMSS AGM meeting are now available.

The meeting was held at the AgHort building (Room AH1) at Massey and covered business originally scheduled for the cancelled meeting on September 5 2013, together with reports on progress within the Society since the Special General Meeting on October 19th.

Please note that the Annual General Meeting was originally scheduled to be held on Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at 12 noon but was closed after it failed to reach quorum (more information can be found here:


The agenda for the AGM is available here.
The draft EXMSS constitution for discussion is available here.
Minutes for the 2013 EXMSS SGM are available here.
Minutes for the 2014 EXMSS AGM can be found here.
The Annual Report can be viewed/downloaded from here.
In addition, the Annual Report from the EXMSS Vice-President, Maori can be downloaded from here.


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16th December 2013 Co-President’s Update

image-for-tiriCongratulations to everyone that graduated in Palmerston North two weeks ago. What a massive occasion and thank you to the city of Palmerston North for coming out in force to support the University and the graduands. As a graduate myself, it was an amazing feeling to be amongst people who are keen to celebrate success in a positive way. I was most honoured to be able to receive my tohu from Dr Russell Ballard, Chancellor of the University Council. Having worked alongside Dr Ballard for three years as a fellow Council member, he demonstrated leadership, inspiration and dedication to a job that can be challenging when faced with having to balance what is best for the University, alongside how the Government expects Universities to operate while producing some of the country’s most talented and highly sought after graduates.

In regards to progress at EXMSS, I recently had the opportunity to enter the EXMSS Office and obtain some background information in regards to Executive minutes and records, petty cash transactions, membership list, and sorting the inwards mail and creditors.

The next step for the Executive is to go through the previous minutes for 2013 and review the decisions made by the previous Executive.

Whilst the University respect the decision of the members at the SGM, and are willing to communicate with Mark and I in good faith, we are seeking finality to the process by way of obtaining a legal opinion. There has been one challenge only in the most general terms ‘that the meeting did not comply with the society’s rules, by the lawyer representing Jeannette Chapman, in a staff related matter. We’ve asked him to specify precisely what rules he believed were not complied with, so that we can demonstrate constitutional compliance. We are still awaiting his response.

Mark and I were also recently invited to participate in a teleconference with members of the Extramural Students’ Support Trust (ESST). This sub trust was set up by EXMSS in 2011 to hold funds for all extramural students, to be distributed annually by way of scholarships. This was the first notification where Mark and I were made aware that the previous president and member Lyn Harris-Hogan had initiated plans to wind down EXMSS and transfer all of EXMSS assets (including the ESST funds) and liabilities to the Massey Extramural Students’ Trust (MEST), a trust set up by Jeanette Chapman in October 2013. The Trustees of the MEST are Jeannette Chapman, Joseph Mwingira and Phillip Kennard and they cannot be removed by members. The ESST has contested the authority in which MEST purports to hold, and have sought further clarification from Mark and I in regards to the SGM processes and outcomes. We have been given some tasks to fulfil, namely to seek a legal opinion on the processes and outcomes and to also issue a statement to lawyers and accountants purporting to represent EXMSS, the Police and MEST.

Last week we met with the Executive Committee to discuss the outcome of the nomination for President 2014, objects of the society in 2014, membership in 2014, annual report for January 2014 AGM, NZUSA updates, objectives for each Executive Committee member for 2014 and most importantly, finalisation of the information to be sent to validate the SGM processes and decisions.

We are also happy to announce and welcome Joy Green to the Executive Committee. Joy brings her background experience with EXMSS in regards to convening to October SGM, as well as her ability to communicate well and articulately to a range of audiences.

Thank you all for your patience and please know we are working hard to resolve these issues as soon as we can.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season

Tiri Porter

Nominated Executives for 2014

These are the Nominated EXMSS Executives for 2014. There are Two Northern North Island, Southern North Island and South Island representatives and a Vice President position. Each Nominated Executive has been asked to provide an image of them self and a short biography. If there are any questions, please feel free to comment below in the comments box.


Northern North Island.

My name is Mandy Ward and I live in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. I completed a Graduate Diploma in Emergency Management (Distinction) as an extramural student. Studying via this mode has meant that I have developed flexibility in managing my personal and professional life whilst gaining a valued qualification. I have really appreciated the great support from my family and the Massey community throughout my study and feel that I can provide the same for other students.

I am the EXMSS Area Representative for the Tauranga area, a voluntary position that I have held since 2009. I greatly enjoy assisting students and am inspired by the way so many achieve their goals through hard work and persistence.

As well as my knowledge I would like offer EXMSS my governance experience. I have 15 years of experience as a School Trustee, fulfilling roles including treasurer, parent and teacher representative.

As your EXMSS Executive, I would work hard to find effective ways to represent extramural students in our area. I am interested in finding ways in which we as a student body can improve communication amongst ourselves and with the university. I am committed listening to your needs and to enhancing the value that EXMSS has had for students over the years.


Northern North Island.

The expertise and experience I bring to the EXMSS committee table is as follows:

I bring first-hand experience and the requisite skills having served on the EXMSS committee as Vice President from 2004 – 2009. I have high expectations of myself and others and have a reputation for fair and just process; I’m prepared to ask and address the hard questions.

I have been a strong advocate for the distance learning mode since my first connection with Massey, as a student in 1983. I demonstrate my support of EXMSS through continued membership and by volunteering as an Area Rep (EAR). Being of service is a strength I wear proudly and being a part of EXMSS is one of the many ways I give service to education.

I have been EXMSS Area Rep for the Greater Auckland area for over 10 years and now serve the Hamilton area as well. I have made contact with, and assisted, hundreds of students over the years. My focus is the provision of quality support to address students’ learning needs. While involved with EXMSS I have contributed to professional development of Area Reps and Exec in many areas including: providing service, the role of EARS in student support, ways to support students’ study, and service to Maori.

I model lifelong learning having tertiary learning experience spanning three decades and having graduated with major degrees from three different universities. Currently I am a PhD candidate at Massey University and a Registered Psychologist. I am standing for the committee again because of the experience I can bring to EXMSS in the current climate of challenge and change. My knowledge of educational systems and distance learning at Massey ensures a sound foundation for the representation I will provide.


Southern North Island.

My name is Angela Lalonde and I am in my first year of the Masters of Applied Social Work program. I study extramurally as I live in Napier with my husband and three year old daughter. I am originally from Canada however, my husband and I decided to move to New Zealand and make it our home in 2010 shortly after our daughter was born. In Canada, while attending a four year Bachelor of Arts program I was elected to the Graduation Chair Person position of the Student’s Association Committee in my final year. My role was mainly representing and advocating for the graduating classes.

After graduating I moved overseas to South Korea to teach English in the public school system and I was offered the position of District head teacher of the Native Speaking English Teachers where I worked endlessly advocating for their rights. I was the liaison between the teachers, their schools, principals and the district supervisor. I am passionate about fairness, justice and equality and I work hard to ensure those ideals are upheld.

Moving into the Social Work industry has further confirmed my dedication to advocacy. I have a strong interest in New Zealand politics and policy, especially around education and I would be excited to have an opportunity to enter into a position that has the ability to affect change within the Massey environment. I have first hand knowledge of negotiation and representation of several view points and I would be a tireless advocate for the extramural students of Massey.
Thank you.


Southern North Island.

Kia ora,

My name is Rowena Hawea Harvey. I am a Massey Postgraduate business student. Some years ago, I first enrolled as an internal student at Massey Palmerston North. At that time, I had come from a background working in the performing arts in Wellington. I wanted to diversify my options and expand my skills into film production (script writing, directing and producing). After receiving encouragement from my Massey drama lecturer and tutor, I applied to the University of Technology in Sydney. I was surprised to find out I was accepted, as it was and still is a fiercely competitive degree.

UTS gave us a great introduction to the art and craft of making short films and documentaries. That combined with film analysis provided us with a deeper understanding of film. After returning to New Zealand I founded an international short film festival, Drifting Clouds (DC). DC acted as a platform for up and coming film directors. Apart from showing their films to a wide audience, the festival provided networking opportunities between the filmmakers and creative industries, which in turn led to job opportunities. Many of the former winners from the DC film competition (held annually by the film festival) are now successful young directors and producers working in television, advertising, and the film industry.

After project managing DC, I returned as an internal student at Massey University. In 2012, I completed a completed a Bachelor of Communication degree, with a major in Journalism & Communication Management. My last few papers were completed by distant study.

I support the EXMSS and the services it offers to students. As an extramural student I understand the barriers, the challenges, the difficulties and the rewards of distant study. It is no easy feat at times. Having the area representatives, the support staff, internet website, and free calling number are essential. I also enjoyed reading the print version of the OFF Campus Magazine. It was informative and engaging. I believe without EXMSS and its representatives the University and government would be less informed about how to improve the educational experiences of extramural students.

I have vivid memories of past lecturers, mentors, and students who made a difference in my life. I am grateful to them. I would enjoy being a representative on the EXMSS executive committee, as it would enable me to support other students, their needs, and their journey in higher education.

Kia kaha, Rowena

Background. I am originally from Bulls, Manawatu. My tribes and affiliations include Ngati Raukawa: Marae and hapu; Parewahawaha in Bulls. Ngati Kahungunu: Marae: Rongomaraeroa Porangahau. Other affiliations include Nga Puhi and Ngati-Toa. Ancestry: Italian, Irish, Scottish and Maori.


Vice President & South Island Rep

EXMSS belongs to you as members. It is my belief that the society can be looked on as an insurance policy sitting in the background protecting your rights as Massey students. Insurance policies have a habit of not being important until you need them. However, when you do need them you want peace of mind that the policy will serve the purpose you thought it would. It is my belief that best way of you as members and “owners” of EXMSS having peace of mind is transparency of the society operations. A number of students have expressed concerns over the “lack of transparency and accountability” concerning EXMSS operations during 2013.

If elected I undertake to restore the level of transparency and accountability which has traditionally been enjoyed by members of the society.
While most standing would claim to understand the needs of external students, my time as an external student has shown me one thing clearly, we are all different. As a result I see the role of a committee member is to make contact with other members are reflect their thoughts in decision making process.

A bit about myself. I have completed a BSS and Master degree during which I was a full and part time external student with a family. I have been on the executive in the past, as the treasure, and have a firm belief in the value of EXMSS to its members. Currently I am working on a 2nd masters (I need a life) while working as a Finance Manager and being a husband and father to my family. It is my belief that my professional background and experience will be a real asset to EXMSS in terms of ensuring that your interests in the society are well protected.

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