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Sustainability at WoS Group


Sustainability is an inextricable part of how we do business and our impact on the environment and society is carefully considered in every decision we make.

Our Purpose

We exist to wow our clients, while caring for our colleagues, our communities and our planet.


  • Attract the best talent and give them every reason to stay and grow with us​
  • Provide exceptional client service ​
  • Support our communities​
  • Build a diverse, sustainable business


  • Help clients reduce their environmental impact ​
  • Support a more circular economy through our repairs, servicing and pre-owned businesses ​
  • Preserve natural resources​
  • Achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050


  • Strengthen traceability and sourcing standards​​
  • Offer more products and services for clients wanting to reflect their personal values and lifestyles
  • Promote innovation in more sustainable design, materials and processes​


  • Build long-term relationships with our brands and supplier partners​
  • Work with our supply chain, legislators, the private sector, and civil society to achieve shared goals


Our highly trained experts help clients choose timepieces that reflect personal values and preferences, while our growing team of repair specialists and accredited watchmakers, skilfully ensure pieces retain their highest value and can be enjoyed by generations to come. ​

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We are helping clients to reduce their carbon footprint by extending our selection of pieces with credible environmental claims and championing innovation and advancement in sustainable design and packaging. ​

Our carbon reduction targets are in line with what scientists say is necessary to limit the worst effects of global warming and we embrace eco-initiatives. Across our Group, 77% of properties are powered by renewable energy and 17% of all client deliveries are made by electric vehicles.


To counter the challenges faced by a changing climate and diminishing resources, our brands are transforming and innovating – while maintaining the highest levels of craftsmanship, precision and quality.

We now offer a growing range of pioneering, environmentally and socially preferable product options, made from new and upcycled materials. These include watch straps and packaging made from a variety of waste materials - from recycled stainless steel, plastic, rubber and cloth to biodegradable options made from organic matter, such as mycelium, seaweed and green waste.

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Expertly crafted, mechanical watches can be handed down to future generations, traded in or resold. Most can be repaired indefinitely and the majority of materials they contain are recyclable. ​

Yet, the luxury watch industry continues to innovate, investing in research to develop more circular materials, in order to reduce reliance on extracting raw materials. We are training our teams to keep clients up to date with these advancements, while extending the life of watches through our own After-Sales and Repairs and Pre-owned businesses.


Choosing a high quality pre-owned watch reduces the demand for raw materials and results in less energy and less waste.

We offer a collection of luxury pre-owned watches and vintage timepieces from the finest Swiss watch brands in the world. Choose from high-end names, including Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Breitling, OMEGA, and TAG Heuer.

Watches of Switzerland is proud to be part of the network of Official Rolex Retailers, authorized to sell Rolex Certified Pre-Owned timepieces. Each of the second-hand watches from our selection has been fully verified by Rolex and comes with a two-year international guarantee. They are also brand-certified, fully warranted and guaranteed so you can have every confidence in your purchase.

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With the right care, well-made watches are a wonderful investment to be enjoyed by generation after generation.

Our expertly trained watchmakers, technicians and polishers are passionate about keeping treasured timepieces in their optimal condition and at their highest value for as long as possible.

We offer a range of watch services and in-depth checks including servicing for automatic, mechanical and quartz watches, engraving, restoration and straps as well as battery changes and reproofing.

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Responsible Sourcing ​

Our clients trust us to ensure our supply chain operates responsibly and that everyone we do business with respects and protects the lives of workers, their communities, and the environment. ​

All supplier partners must comply with industry regulations and international laws, and the achievement of internationally recognized sustainability certifications is encouraged to ensure safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing practices. Visit our corporate website for more information.

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Caring For Our Communities

We have always believed in adding value to society outside of our business and support our local communities by volunteering and with financial support from the Watches of Switzerland Group Foundation.​​

Many of our Brands actively support causes, meaning your purchase could be making a positive environmental and social impact. These include Omega’s GoodPlanet Foundation to Ulysee Nardin’s ‘Time to Act’ and William Wood’s support of fire fighters worldwide. ​​


Our brands are developing and implementing new technologies and practices that promote environmental, social and economic sustainability. Some are highlighted here.



Through the Oris Change for Better program, the brand is building partnerships with some of the world’s most effective non-profit organizations and investing heavily in measures to help run their business more sustainably.

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Breitling are committed to working within their sphere of influence to be a part of practical solutions that address sustainability. Last year, the brand introduced their first traceable watch – the Super Chronomat Automatic 38 Origins.

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ID Geneve


ID Geneve create timepieces that reflect the values and principles of people concerned about the environment and making a positive social impact. Their circular watch range is the first to be driven by circular design, being based entirely on the reuse of materials, the elimination of waste and pollution and the regeneration of nature.

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Sustainability is the key element to which the brand strives at every level. In 2021, Panerai introduced eLAB-ID™, a concept watch, pushing the limits of recyclability, while sharing information about suppliers, collaborators and materials to help broaden opportunities for sustainable watchmaking in the industry.

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