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Explore Reservoir diverse range of exceptional gifts, all available to purchase at Watches of Switzerland.

GT Tour

The GT Tour collection adopts the codes of the ‘Classic’ car race, The GT Tour is a timepiece that embodies high performance and determination, allowing maximum legibility.

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Taking its inspiration from old cars with their classy lines and their sophisticated engines, the Supercharged collection display the materials’ elegance with a vintage finish.

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The Longbridge collection trace the epic journey of an iconic miniature looking car with multiple timeless looks. At the wrist, the LONGBRIDGE displays a chic and sportive urban aesthetic .

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The Tiefenmesser collection takes its inspiration from the materials that feature so prominently in submarine equipment.

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Faithful to the technical requirements of diving watches, the Hydrosphere diving watch collection offers an original version of these masters of time with a single hand on the dial.

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The RESERVOIR Sonomaster collection takes its inspiration from measuring instruments widely used in the world of sound or Hi-Fi. The two retrograde hands faithfully reproduce the hands of power measurements or VU meters from analog stereo amplifiers.

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Reservoir Watches

Introducing RESERVOIR GT Tour : the car racing passion on your wrist!


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About Reservoir

RESERVOIR watches echo an era in which counters and gauges were at the service of mankind: on the wrist, it tells stories of heroes going for adventures characterized by intensity and self-affirmation. Cars, Aeronautic, Marine, Comics and Music are the source of inspiration for all collections, being equipped with a bespoke and patented horological module, associated with a manufacture movement, and assembled in Switzerland by a renowned watchmaker. The Swiss Made movement offers a radical way to read time – retrograde minute, jumping hour, power reserve. It transforms time into a precious resource, a faithful ally of adventure. Every 60 minutes, the single hand retrogrades and activates the next moment with the same intensity. To make every hour count. Fail or prevail but make it bold.

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