• Regional Support

    EXMSS Area Representatives (EARs):
    ● have information such as student rolls for your area. The roll can help you find out who else is doing your paper.
    ● have information on University systems and departments. They can help unravel the Massey labyrinth and are a good starting point if you are trying to resolve study-related problems.
    ● can help you buy and sell second-hand text books.
    ● can facilitate the formation of local study groups. Some reps organise social activities for extramurals, such as “post-exam parties” or “mid-winter motivation boost parties”.

    A unique network. The E.A.R. network is the only one of its kind in the world. Many overseas universities have long-distance learning programmes, but no other country has been able to set up a support network of student volunteers like ours.

    Hover over a region to see the EXMSS Area Representatives for 2013.