Notification of Special General Meeting

Wednesday 19th March 2014, 6pm

This will be held on the Turitea Campus, Massey University, Palmerston North. We will have provision for the meeting to be streamed live online for those that cannot attend in person. An announcement will also be made of the new President for 2014, as well as confirming and ratifying the proposed constitutional changes. We will send out a reminder email to members as it comes closer to the date.

Nominations for President are now open

XAvatarAs a result of the recent Annual General Meeting in January 2014, EXMSS Returning Officer, Murray Kirk called for nominations for the position and began accepting nominations from Thursday 16th January 2014.

The President is responsible for the overall business of the Society, ensuring that the constitutional objectives are upheld, being the political leader and the spokesperson for the Society, so if this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, contact the EXMSS Returning Officer for more information: Nominations close 12pm 19th March 2014.

Kind regards,
Tiri Porter and Mark Lester, EXMSS Co Presidents.
Tiri PorterMark Lester photo

Video of the EXMSS Annual General Meeting 2014

The minutes for this EXMSS AGM meeting are now available.

The meeting was held at the AgHort building (Room AH1) at Massey and covered business originally scheduled for the cancelled meeting on September 5 2013, together with reports on progress within the Society since the Special General Meeting on October 19th.

Please note that the Annual General Meeting was originally scheduled to be held on Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at 12 noon but was closed after it failed to reach quorum (more information can be found here:


The agenda for the AGM is available here.
The draft EXMSS constitution for discussion is available here.
Minutes for the 2013 EXMSS SGM are available here.
Minutes for the 2014 EXMSS AGM can be found here.
The Annual Report can be viewed/downloaded from here.
In addition, the Annual Report from the EXMSS Vice-President, Maori can be downloaded from here.


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16th December 2013 Co-President’s Update

image-for-tiriCongratulations to everyone that graduated in Palmerston North two weeks ago. What a massive occasion and thank you to the city of Palmerston North for coming out in force to support the University and the graduands. As a graduate myself, it was an amazing feeling to be amongst people who are keen to celebrate success in a positive way. I was most honoured to be able to receive my tohu from Dr Russell Ballard, Chancellor of the University Council. Having worked alongside Dr Ballard for three years as a fellow Council member, he demonstrated leadership, inspiration and dedication to a job that can be challenging when faced with having to balance what is best for the University, alongside how the Government expects Universities to operate while producing some of the country’s most talented and highly sought after graduates.

In regards to progress at EXMSS, I recently had the opportunity to enter the EXMSS Office and obtain some background information in regards to Executive minutes and records, petty cash transactions, membership list, and sorting the inwards mail and creditors.

The next step for the Executive is to go through the previous minutes for 2013 and review the decisions made by the previous Executive.

Whilst the University respect the decision of the members at the SGM, and are willing to communicate with Mark and I in good faith, we are seeking finality to the process by way of obtaining a legal opinion. There has been one challenge only in the most general terms ‘that the meeting did not comply with the society’s rules, by the lawyer representing Jeannette Chapman, in a staff related matter. We’ve asked him to specify precisely what rules he believed were not complied with, so that we can demonstrate constitutional compliance. We are still awaiting his response.

Mark and I were also recently invited to participate in a teleconference with members of the Extramural Students’ Support Trust (ESST). This sub trust was set up by EXMSS in 2011 to hold funds for all extramural students, to be distributed annually by way of scholarships. This was the first notification where Mark and I were made aware that the previous president and member Lyn Harris-Hogan had initiated plans to wind down EXMSS and transfer all of EXMSS assets (including the ESST funds) and liabilities to the Massey Extramural Students’ Trust (MEST), a trust set up by Jeanette Chapman in October 2013. The Trustees of the MEST are Jeannette Chapman, Joseph Mwingira and Phillip Kennard and they cannot be removed by members. The ESST has contested the authority in which MEST purports to hold, and have sought further clarification from Mark and I in regards to the SGM processes and outcomes. We have been given some tasks to fulfil, namely to seek a legal opinion on the processes and outcomes and to also issue a statement to lawyers and accountants purporting to represent EXMSS, the Police and MEST.

Last week we met with the Executive Committee to discuss the outcome of the nomination for President 2014, objects of the society in 2014, membership in 2014, annual report for January 2014 AGM, NZUSA updates, objectives for each Executive Committee member for 2014 and most importantly, finalisation of the information to be sent to validate the SGM processes and decisions.

We are also happy to announce and welcome Joy Green to the Executive Committee. Joy brings her background experience with EXMSS in regards to convening to October SGM, as well as her ability to communicate well and articulately to a range of audiences.

Thank you all for your patience and please know we are working hard to resolve these issues as soon as we can.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season

Tiri Porter

Special General Meeting

Thanks to all those who attend our first ever live-streamed Special General Meeting on Wednesday 18 April, 2012.

The recording of the meeting may be viewed on-demand by following the link below.

You can sign in to the live stream below using your Massey Student ID# and 4 digit PIN. This is the same login you use to access Stream. If you are unsure of your PIN you can recall it by checking your My Massy page.

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EXMSS Special General Meeting

Click here to access the Agenda and Minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting. The SGM was necessary for EXMSS to make Constitutional Changes in response to the voluntary student membership environment.

Changes include:

  • Allowing SGM or Annual General Meetings outside contact course dates;
  • Quorum adjustment;
  • Remove requirement for associate members to be Massey Alumni;
  • Introduce a membership subscription for members and associate members;
  • Change of Maori Executive Role to a Vice-President Maori Role.

For full details, download the proposed EXMSS constitution here (changes are marked in red).

For more information about accessing the media stream, click here.

If you wish to test the connection before the meeting, try logging in with your student ID and PIN. After logging in you should see the message “waiting for presentation to begin”.

Please contact with any queries.