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Bespoke Jewellery

Benjamin Javaheri

Designed and Hand-Crafted in Los Angeles, Unparalleled Quality and Ethical Sourcing.

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From Concept to Creation

Bespoke by Benjamin Javaheri for Watches of Switzerland's unique approach places the customer at the center of the design process, providing a seamless and memorable experience. Every step is thoughtfully curated to reflect each client's distinct style and preferences, resulting in one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that perfectly embody their dreams.

"I look at our jewelry as wearable art. Our standards are the same across all our collections; we create every step in-house, from an entry-level item to a custom-designed piece. Our same artisans working on a $500 piece also work on the ones that sell for millions of dollars because any item from UNEEK should last and be handed down for generations. Our jewelry has integrity, enabling it to be passed down like a true family heirloom."

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Step 1: Design Consultation Your Vision, Our Expertise

At WOSG Bespoke, your vision takes center stage. Our expert Uneek retail team collaborates closely with you through an in-depth design consultation to understand your desires, lifestyle, and tastes. Your dream jewelry piece begins to take shape, ensuring every detail aligns with your unique persona.

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Step 2: Sketch Artwork Jewelry DesignTransforming Dreams into Reality

The magic of craftsmanship commences as our artisans transform your ideas into a scaled-sized sketch. Endorsed by your trusted retailer, this rendering captures the essence of your vision, ensuring all specifications are met. We leverage Computer-Aided jewelry Design software (CAD) to create a precise three-dimensional model, giving you a glimpse of your soon-to-be masterpiece.

Computer Modeling

Step 3:Computer Modeling Precision and Perfection

With your approval of the rendering, our skilled artisans begin crafting your jewelry piece. The Computer-Aided Jewelry Design ensures unparalleled precision, breathing life into your design and enabling us to represent your dream faithfully.

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Step 4: Casting, Pre-Finishing, Assembly, Fabrication, Stone Setting & Final FinishingA Symphony of Craftsmanship

Guided by time-honored artisanal techniques, your design comes to life through casting, pre-finishing, assembly, fabrication, and stone setting. Every stage of the process is executed with meticulous attention to detail, culminating in a masterpiece that reflects the dedication and passion invested by our artisans.

Computer Modeling

Step 5: Finished Custom Diamond Jewelry Completion The Epitome of Elegance

The culmination of this awe-inspiring journey is completing your custom diamond jewelry piece. Crafted with devotion and creativity, the final product captures the essence of your vision and showcases the extraordinary craftsmanship of WOSG Bespoke.

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To Catch The Shimmer

“Working with the Watches of Switzerland group has been a fantastic partnership. The ethics, morals, and how they treat their clientele are unsurpassed. They give you an experience that no other jewelry store can provide. The detail that goes into ensuring everything is perfect and handled correctly, sourced properly, and appropriately manufactured demonstrates how much they care. They cross every "t" and dot every "i." The employees who work there are exemplary. The type of experience they offer is one in a billion.”

— Benjamin Javaheri, UNEEK JEWELRY.

Computer Modeling

“Working directly with our clients on bespoke pieces can be an emotional journey. We receive extraordinary letters from our clients and retailers. It allows you to carry on the day when you realize you have a purpose. But to be able to create and see someone wear your jewelry is the biggest honor. You're part of a special moment that you helped create and share. And at the end of the day, that is the thing most important to me.”

— Benjamin Javaheri, UNEEK JEWELRY


Our artisanal craftsmanship brings your dream jewelry to life, reflecting your unique style. Experience the pure expression of originality and style from design consultation to the final masterpiece.


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Bespoke EleganceYour Questions, Answered

Elevate your style with bespoke creations that reflect your unique story, meticulously crafted by Benjamin Javaheri for Watches Of Switzerland Group.

How long does it take to create a bespoke piece?

Does the duration include CAD drawing time?

Can I incorporate my own stones and jewelry into the design?

Where does the magic happen?

How can I guarantee the quality of the metals and stones used?

How involved can I be in the design process?

Will I receive updates on the manufacturing progress?


Discover the allure of WOS Bespoke where dreams are brought to life. To embark on your personalized journey or for further inquiries about the lead time, service details, and minimum spend for the bespoke service.

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