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Since its creation, Nebula has been a star. Its stellar mechanism, the A&S5201 calibre, is the gravitational force of this collection, giving it its appearance, identity and strength. Movement finishes are more advanced than ever and Nebula always continues its expansion.

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Luna Magna

With this original timepiece, the Swiss watchmaker with English roots aims to make a lasting impression by presenting the largest rotating moon ever created in relief for a wristwatch. Beneath an off-centred dial at 12 o’clock, Arnold & Son has placed a rotating sphere that accurately represents the appearance of the quarters of the moon.

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Perpetual Moon

Showcasing one of the largest moons to be found in the watchmaking sphere, Perpetual Moon stands out for the size of its complication and the aesthetic approach employed by the resolutely British Swiss brand. Housed in a 42, 41.5 or 38 mm case, its hand-wound calibre offering a precision double moon phase display.

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DSTB - Dial Side True Beat

The true-beat seconds function is characteristic of the instruments that John Arnold supplied to the Royal Navy. Their escapement used to beat at one oscillation per second, naturally indicated by a sweep-seconds hand. This explicit function inspired Arnold & Son to create one of its most iconic complications: ‘True Beat’, also known as deadbeat seconds. The distinctive feature of the DSTB collection is that it displays this mechanism in full on the dial, hence the ‘Dial-Side True Beat’ name, delivering watchmaking, design and spectacle all in one.

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The lands seen on the surface are sculpted to precision and together with the deep, hand-painted seas, they serve as a backdrop to the world time dual time zone display. Overhanging these is an infinite arch which fixes their rotation. In shades of blue, Arnold & Son pays a chromatic tribute to John Arnold's marine chronometers.

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Ultrathin Tourbillon

Pared back to its purest expression, the Ultrathin Tourbillon collection is elegantly revealed. A vast dial displays beautiful colour finish, while the off-centred hours dial is made of genuine white opal. Nothing distracts the eye from the hypnotic workings of the ultra-thin flying tourbillon – the signature of the collection.

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An animated story of John Arnold and Arnold & Son, past and present

This is the story of John Arnold and the legacy he left behind with his eponymous company, Arnold & Son. Discover how the modern Swiss manufacture bearing his name draws inspiration from his unique vision and innovative spirit.

About Arnold & Son Watches

Throughout human history, measuring time has always referred to the stars. It was by observing certain stars and understanding their cycle that the first calendars were established with impressive accuracy. It took several millennia before this precision was enclosed in a timepiece like the ones designed by John Arnold. The golden age of maritime explorations and discoveries ushered this precision into a new technical ideal – determining longitude at sea. Its immediate corollary was the identification of local time, which changed constantly as the observer moved along an east-west axis. Astronomy, chronometry and what we now call world time are thus inextricably linked within one and the same question, to which John Arnold and his son devoted their lives, their art and their genius. This is how these three dimensions – astronomy, chronometry and world time – have come to be embodied in the House's contemporary timepieces. Echoes of John Arnold's inventions and preoccupations, these pillars represent the foundations on which the Arnold & Son collections are based.

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