• Review It: Making Impressions

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    Review It, as survey of students course experiences’ that is placed on the web for other students to see is being discussed internationally.

    The poster that explains the project process and its benefits to both the students and the university has been accepted at the International Conference in Information Communications Technology in Education (ICICTE) in July. This seems to be a first for student associations in New Zealand.

    The project started out as a funding proposal to upgrade EXMSS’s existing Rate It! course evaluation. From there it developed into a university-wide augmentative survey by inclusion in Massey’s student survey framework. The project we completed and had been operating through the technical expertise of Murray Kirk and his team at EXMSS Communications. Ralph Springett, President of EXMSS, who was project leader, then developed the story behind the poster and Adam Dodd, the visual wizard working with Murray, produced the final version.

    A team effort has produced an innovative survey that lets students hear about other students’ experiences in courses. The survey has connections with Massey’s systems and, important for credibility, it has a question line developed by experts and full ethics approval. And now it is to be released upon the world, first at the Distance Education New Zealand Conference in April and then at the ICICTE conference in Greece in July.

    Who knows, institutions across the globe may well seek to introduce student to student course reviews that, like Review It, have moved forward considerably from the Rate My Professors of last century.




    English student working on an honours year. Kids, wife and home in Palmerston North. Ralph was the President of EXMSS from 2009 through to the end of 2012.


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